7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System
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Do You Want To Work From Home Writing and Selling Ebooks?

Have You Always Dreamed of Having This Type of Lifestyle?

Do You Envy Others Who Are Already Living Your Writing Dream?


7 Day eBook System

If you've seen others earning a full-time income from writing and publishing ebooks, and you want to do it too, but you don't know how, well, I'm going to show you.

I'm going to show you not only how to write an ebook in 7 days or less, but also how to start making sales - all within one week.

Think it can't be done?

Then let me explain.


I'm Ruth Barringham and I've been on online writer and self publisher for over 20 years.

Years ago, when I first started, it was really hard to earn money as a writer.

I used to write stories and articles, type them up and physically mail them to different publications and then sit and cross my fingers, hoping that an editor would like what I'd written and want to publish it.

But working this way was not only slow (up to 3 months for a response), but it was expensive buying paper, ink, envelopes and stamps all the time.

Trying to get a book published was even worse because the stats told me that out of 50,000 manuscripts a publisher received every year, they'd only publish about 10% of them.

And even then it took 2 years to get a book published and usually just as long before the author received any royalties.

It was only the runaway best sellers that enabled writers to earn a decent living.

Then the internet exploded and suddenly I could email my work to magazine editors and receive a response in less than a month.

- AND it didn't cost anythng.

This was really a game changer.

And then blogs came along and suddenly it was possible to make some money writing online articles.

But the biggest and best thing that happened was the invention of ebooks.

Writing and publishing books this way was completely revolutionary because now I no longer needed a publisher.

I was free to write and publish ebooks as often as I wanted.

And what I eventually discovered is that it's possible to write and publish an ebook in a week AND start getting sales.

How I discovered this was through years of practice.

I wrote so many ebooks that I perfected a system so that I could do it quickly.

This meant that I could have lots of ebooks written and published every year which exponentially increased my income.

And the best thing about it is that once an ebook is published, it can go on selling for years.

And it's all a numbers game.

You see, the more ebooks you write and publish, the more money you can make.

Look at it this way

Say you write one book and you make only 10 sales a week.

This means that each year (52 weeks) you'll sell 520 copies.

But what if you wrote and published 10 ebooks? And sold 10 copies of EACH every week?

That would be 100 sales a week.

Which would also multiply your 520 sales a year to 5,200 sales.

And these are low figures

You could sell many more.

And even if you only earned $10 per sale, that means your 10 ebooks would be earning you $52,000 a year (5,200 sales @ $10 each).

So what if you wrote and published 10 more ebooks.....

Can you see how this works?

Sadly though, it's not enough to just write and publish ebooks.

You need to write books that people want to buy.


You need to market them correctly for maximum sales.

But it's not difficult to do if you have my 7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System, because in it you'll discover:-

You see writing an ebook doesn't mean sitting and staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to strike.

My writing system is fill-in-the-blank easy and guides you effortlessly through the process of writing a blueprint.

An ebook blueprint is similar to an outline, except that it's more detailed, so that when it comes to the actual writing, your ebook is practically already written.

You just start with an idea (and I show you how to find dozens of ideas if you don't already have any), and expand it into a complete blueprint.

But I don't leave it there because I want you to write and sell thousands of ebooks, so I'm also going to show you:-

Can you see that writing an ebook that readers want to not only read, but recommend to others, means writing an ebook that:-

So your writing needs to flow and your information must be fully targetted to your readers and be useable straight away.

Which is why you're going to discover:


Editing and Publishing an ebook

And it does't stop there.

Once your ebook is written, then it's time to edit and publish it

But don't think that it's difficult. because it's not

Using my 7-Day Ebook System, your ebook will be almost ready for publishing with very little editing needed and publishing an ebook is one-click simple:


Ebook Marketing

And after all that, it's time to market your ebook which can be done swiftly, simply and all for free. Not only that, but my system shows you how to market for maximum sales, including:

Plus I'm also going to tell you other things you need to know, and these things can make a HUGE difference to how much money you can make, such as:


Your Ebook Sales Page

Of course, one of the best things you can do to increase sales is to have a sales page for your ebook so that your readers can find out more about how great your ebook is, and so that you can REALLY market it to them.

And in order to do this easily and effectively is to know:


By now you should know just how easy my system is to use, and it guides you through the whole process of ebook writing and selling including:

So the only way I can make it any easier for you is if I write and published the book for you.

But I'm not going to do that - not LITERALLY anyway.

But I am going to make it seem as though it's all being done for you with my 7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System.

That's right. You can download this amazing system right now and by this time next week your ebook will be selling online all over the world.

And all it takes is for you to click the link below and download it.



2 Hour Short Report Writing

How to write a short report or ebook in just 2 hours.

This is a short report written in just 2 hours that explains exactly how I did it and how you can do it too.

In it you're going to learn:

There is no end to money you can earn from writing 2-hour short reports.

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