Stand By Me

An Adult Romantic Novel

Stand by me - An adult romantic novel

By Ruth Barringham

Lola and Daniel love being together and always have great sex.

So why is it that he won't leave his wife?

Just what is it that makes him think that his wife needs him more than she does?

Daniel and his wife have no sex life, no money and no children. As far as Lola can tell, they have no reason to stay together.

And yet he won't leave her. Just why is it that he will stand by her but not by Lola?

Tired of the arguments and breakups over it, Lola decides that things have to change.

But first, she needs to stop loving him.

It's difficult until she discovers the truth.

This is not your usual romatic novel with a "happily ever after" ending.

Instead it has a surprising and touching ending that will make you re-think what you were reading up until that moment, and make you cry.

Don't you just love a good ending to a great book?

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