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A story so frightening that it cannot be told around a campfire near the woods, or worse, in the woods.

The woods can be scary places at night, ours was deadly.

No one knew exactly what happened, and no one suspected Marvin had anything to do with it.

How could they?

No one knew he existed, except me.

No one even saw him, except me.

And I believe that Marvin had everything to do with what was happening in the woods.

But I never told anyone.

Why would I?

No one would believe that a man nobody ever saw had committed those brutal crimes that no one could explain.

Even those who were there when the crimes happened, had no idea what had happened and couldn’t explain it.

At first, the Police and everyone in our town thought the teenagers were the ones doing it, until one by one they all succumbed to the terror that was lurking in the woods.

And then there were none.

Category: Horror
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