Cheriton House Publishing

Manuscript Submissions

Cheriton House Publishing is no longer accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

When this company was first established it was possible to submit manuscripts.

However, after receiving hundred/thousands of manuscripts that were inappropriate for our publishing needs, it was decided that the business model for our company had to change direction.


Book Manuscripts Can No Longer Be Submitted.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, submit a manuscript to Cheriton House Publishing.

How to Approach a Publishing Company

If you want to submit your manuscript to another publishing company, bear in mind that different publishing companies publish different types of books. So before submitting anything, go to the publishing company's website and check their current submission requirements. Even publishing companies that usually request manuscript submissions, aren't always accepting them all of the time.

Also make sure that when you do submit your manuscript that you send only what is requested, that it is appropriate for the company you are sending it to and that you follow the submission guidelines exactly, as in, if they ask you to mail in your submission, don't email it instead. If they only ask for a synopsis, don't send the whole manuscript.

Publishing companies love authors who follow guidelines and dismiss those that don't. They figure that if an author can't follow instructions, then they don't want to work with them.

Remember That Quality Counts

Make sure that the writing you submit is your best. Too many wanna-be authors have submitted writing to this company that was so bad that it was barely readable. When questioned about it, they reply that they wrote it and if it's not good enough then it's the publishing company's job to edit it.

But there is a difference between editing good writing, and a manuscript that requires a complete rewrite, and publishing company editors don't do rewrites. Why would any publishing company accept bad writing?

And not only are publishing companies looking for quality writing, they are also looking for authors who have a good marketing plan. So when you submit your manuscript, make sure you also include a detailed marketing plan. Having a 10-point marketing plan is best. This means you have already planned 10 different ways you are going to market your book and who you will be marketing it to. In other words you know who your target readership is and how to reach them.

Marketing books is far more important than writing them. So if you want to impress your prospective publisher, demonstrate to them that you know who you wrote your book for, and you know how encourage them to buy your book.

Remember, it doesn't matter if a book is self published or contract published. It is ALWAYS up to the author to market their own work.

I hope this information will help you in successfully submitting your manuscript to a publishing company that is currently looking for what you have written.